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Marie teaches piano in Savannah, on the 380 corridor.  Marie is the owner of Piano Lessons North Texas,. Marie teaches lessons to ages 6 - 18 (and a few women), and she teaches both traditional classical and chord reading.  Marie has over 30 years experience teaching piano and has worked at Future Sounds Studios in Grand Prairie and Colleyville Suzuki School of Music. Marie has a  Master in Counseling  degree from Liberty University, and an BAS degree from Dallas Baptist University with a concentration in music.. Ms. Carnine had her own first piano lesson at the age of 5 but lost interest quickly until she was 8 years old and began study that would continue as she grew up. Marie studied piano at Howard Payne University under Dr. E. Belcher, and at Dallas Baptist University with Dr. M. Fritz.  Marie loves watching her student's faces light up when they realize they can create beautiful music on the piano. 


  Our Teacher   

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I took my first piano lesson when I was 5 years old.  It was stop and go after that until I was in junior high school.  My first instrument was voice, though I never did well with opera.  


My favorite music? Vivalde Four Seasons - especially Spring.  I like modern jazz. I don't much care for rap. 


I have recorded and/or led worship in the following countries: United States, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Siberia, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Spain, and Hungary.


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